Portland, Yeovil, Westbury

Another busy few weeks!

At the end of July, we played at one of our favourite venues,The George Inn. As usual, the crowd were very enthusiastic and didn't want us to stop. It's a great atmosphere and we're already looking forward to our next visit in October.

Last weekend we played at The Wessex Truck Fest at Yeovil Show Ground. Not one for the archives. The stage was tucked away at one end of the arena so our audience was basically people wandering past. Most stopped and listened to a couple of songs but the fact that it was raining didn't tempt them to stay too long. You win some and lose some.

This was made up for last night at The Railway in Westbury where we had a great night. We had a good audience with plenty of enthusiastic dancers. Ed stood in for Mike on drums and we showcased his young talent by playing Wipe Out which is brilliant for a drummer. The evening was a great success

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